a travel game for above average families

A travel game for above average families that's not another "app"


What is CarlSays?

Vacations are supposed to be a treasured time of special bonding for a family... and then all hell breaks loose. What seemed like a good idea quickly becomes a long, agonizing car ride comprised of sibling-initiated torture and "He won't stop looking at me!" or other vague parent-confounding confrontations. 

Fortunately, a hard-working team of folks in Nashville created CarlSays. It's 144 cards of awesomeness that doesn't require batteries or the internet, and isn't another app.


Astonishingly, we're certain that your kids will thank you for actually giving them a reason to not play on their electronics to entertain themselves. Sheesh!

CarlSays is a kid’s travel card game for above average families that combines car bingo with wacky game mechanics like Swipe and Do Over.  It requires a keen eye, quick wit, and a willingness to be slightly ruthless to other players in order to win. Ya know, like all other awesome family games that kids ages 6 and up love to play.

The only travel game that will save your sanity while giving kids a reason to stop staring at their electronics and look out into the potentially interesting world around them.
— Parent of 5 kids (ages 5-14)
It’s pure genius! An update to an old-school travel game that’s entertaining for kids who are typically self-absorbed on their iPhone app-du-jour
— Nashville Mom
After telling my kids about CarlSays, they are driving me freak’n nuts asking when they can have it. Ummm, hurry up before we have a collective family mental breakdown!
— Eager Delaware Dad

We need you. Srsly...

Remember the days when there weren't cell phones, ipads, DVD players to use in the car?  Well, most people don't either, but that shouldn't stop you from joining our list of Above Average Families who want early access to CarlSays. 

If you're lucky, you may be one of the families we randomly choose to receive a free copy to play-test and make this game the most interesting, entertaining, weird, creative, and best darn thing a family could have in their car as they embark on a vacation adventure or head over to Grandma's for a weekend visit.